Every savvy retailer knows that there is a correlation between weather and consumer behavior. Few, however, understand just how strong that correlation is – and how they can put it to use to maximize efficiency and profit. Our accurate year-ahead weather forecasts and predictive analytics let you confidently plan inventory, advertising, staffing, pricing, promotions and more months ahead of the competition.

the power of 1° degree® for retailers

the power of 1° degree® for retailers

Did you know that every 1 degree hotter means a 5% increase in lawnmower sales? Or that every 1 degree colder improves mouse trap sales by 6%? There is a dramatic correlation between weather and sales, and planning off of last year is only about 20% accurate. Our proprietary year-ahead forecasting model gives you 85% accuracy – better than other companies' week 2 forecast. That's how we've delivered more than $2 billion in ROI for major retail customers.
  • Analyze thousands of POS categories store-by-store to confidently predict future trends anywhere in the world
  • Time advertising and marketing campaigns to the precise weather conditions
  • Forecast demand for any product category months ahead
  • Effectively manage shelf space, product mix and replenishment
  • Add 10%+ to your bottom line with smarter pricing and markdowns
  • Proactively meet logistics and staffing needs

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