Accurate Year Ahead Forecasts For
All of Your Trading Areas

How would you change the course of your business
if you knew the weather up to 11 months in advance?

High Potency Analytics

Your Markets: WTI analytics tools cover all of your markets across the globe, 11-months out.
Sales Planners: Translate the weather's revenue influence on products by store, region, territory, etc.
Customization: Analytics and forecasts custom-designed for your company by sales territory, distribution center, store trading area or any way you want to look at it.


The Power of 1° Degree™

Every decision counts. If you know how one degree of temperature change influences sales in all of your
trading areas, you can make One Decision to change the course of your business.


Our Sales Analytics Engine evaluates your sales data to reveal the precise revenue influence of factors as small as a 1° change in temperatures, or minor changes in precipitation. Give us your sales data and we'll return it to you with definitive understanding of the weather relationship to your products and business.


Our Sales Planning Tool enables you to forecast demand and project sales months in advance when used with the WTI long range forecasting and Sales Analytics tools. The result? Revenue-generating and cost-saving business decisions.


Anheuser Busch SUCCESS STORY

Six months in advance, Weather Trends forecast a heat wave over Memorial Day weekend followed by a cool, wet 4th of July. For Memorial Day weekend, we tripled advertising compared to the previous year and produced 5% more beer. We generated millions in ROI and increased our market share.